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Hyacinthe Carrera, president of the PMPC66

Welcome, Benvinguts !

You’re warmly welcome on the webpage of the Pentathlon Moderne Perpignan la Catalane.

Born in 1994, the modern pentathlon club of Perpignan is one of the most important in France, with more than 100 official members.

You can practice the Modern Pentathlon and its five activities: pistol shooting, épée fencing, swimming, riding (equestrian show jumping) and cross-country running, or just simply one of it, for leisure, or in competition. It’s an unique sport for young people and adults !

Choosing Modern Pentathlon, is choosing a sport that combines training and tonicity, concentration and outgoing, fighting spirit and respect, effort and pleasure.In a word, it’s choosing what its creator, Pierre de Coubertin described as the most complete sport in the Olympic Games.

And all the athletes of the PMPC 66 know the Olympic Games! Two of them were qualified in Sydney, one in Athens, and that’s just the most prestigious sport event of the calendar.
There is no equivalent in the Pyrénéés-Orientales!
You’ll discover on our website the name, the pictures, the bios of our champions.

The Modern Pentathlon Club of Perpignan is also very proud of its Epée fencing section, a club inside the club, mainly composed of motivated enthusiasts.

Every wednesday, and during holidays, the youth center welcomes kids willing to develop a sport activity.

Finally, we also try to enhance our experience with our friends from South Catalonia, with a huge partnership program, including competitions and a special final cup every year with the best catalan representants.

So, feel free to surf this website, come and join us to discover the Modern Pentathlon and be sure that you are all Benvinguts, Welcome !

The president

Hyacinthe Carrera